What is the correlation between the food we eat and inflammation? We are never taught about this growing up in school and our parents don’t always have all the answers. 

As a young child I remember my mother feeding me lots of pork, from delicious chicharrones, mortadella to pork chops. As a kid, I never paid attention to the kind of food I ate. All I knew was that at eight years old my underarms sweated and had an odor. I never played sports or did anything to cause the odor or the sweat. I knew something was off but who would I go to for answers? Fast forward to my high school years when I noticed another problem which showed up prominently on the skin of my arms. It was like a skin rash with lots of red dots. I saw a dermatologist for the diagnosis that turned out to be normal. Well, that “normal” rarely allowed me to wear tank tops because I was embarrassed to show my arms.

In my mid 20’s I started having lots of body pain, especially in my knees and hips. After seeing doctors for this, the diagnosis again was “normal.” It was then when I did some intense research into nutrition and how everything we put in our bodies affects our physical world. When I cut the pork, cow milk, sugary cereals, refined sugars and gluten in my life, I started to change. Thank god I no longer suffer from all I went through in my younger years. I realized that the food we eat has a big role in our bodies.

Although nutrition is just one factor that can better or worsen our physical health, we need to look at how to make healthy choices and also how to reduce inflammation when pain already exists in the body. Through my health journey, I have started my own practice where I help people decrease inflammation and pain using holistic modalities such as Reiki and technologies like red light therapy for detox and cell rejuvenation and electromagnetic therapy. Rose BioFX believes in helping people get to the root of the problem and not masking the symptoms. Let’s start making conscious choices with our food so we can live long healthy lives!

By Rosalidia Dubon