Time is an adult’s most precious commodity. Every moment should be lived as fully as possible. An unfortunate reality about time is that it is perishable. However, focusing on your and your children’s health is a surefire way to make the most out of your time. But a good question is…how?

There are a few things to keep in mind when incorporating your children into your workout.

Safety is the most important thing to ensure. Instead of loading your child into a baby carrier attached to your body for a 100-meter sprint, a light run with your child safely secured into a jogging stroller would be a better choice. In other words, when it comes to exercising with your child “less is more.”

When exercising with your child around, make the most of your interaction time. Count your repetitions out loud and on your fingers. This will help make counting repetitive and more familiar to your littles.

Another important thing to keep in mind when training with your littles is to keep it fun. The fastest way to get your kids to lose interest in working out is to make training feel like a chore. Keep the littles interacting in fun ways. Get them to come up with challenges like distances or repetition counts. Keep them laughing, clapping and counting!

The music you play during your workout session with your littles can also add to the fun factor of exercising. If you can ask them what they want to hear during the workout, be sure to ask them. Fortunately, the wonderful world of electronic dance music has a fast uptempo version of virtually all songs imaginable. Trust me. I have done burpees to the electronic version of “Baby Shark” more than once.

Small sacrifices such as these will go a long way in building the concept and importance of exercising in the subconscious of your beloved littles.

Happy Training!

By Rick Green